Encourage Smaller Scale Development

• As a Lantern District resident for 11 years, I am keenly aware of the pressing issues that need attention.
• Promoting smaller Lantern District commercial development (as well as small business in general) and working to improve municipal and zoning codes throughout the City to incentivize these smaller structures is imperative.
• Re-engagement of a Town Center working group is necessary to review the outdated original plan that is based on 20+ year-old assumptions of “big-box, brick and mortar retail” as these are no longer viable options today without the consolidation of multiple lots.
• In the Town Center and other commercial areas, we have postage-size lots that will remain undeveloped without a revised plan to spur smaller projects. Without review and revisions of the Town Center plan to reflect the current environment and lifestyle, we will continue to see empty lots in the business district or risk a consolidation of lots in order to build much larger structures.
• We must also protect our fellow residents on Green Lantern, Blue Lantern and the north end of Santa Clara and ensure the Headlands Development meets current zoning as well as mitigates traffic and parking concerns for residents.